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The 5 Holiday Wines you need this season!

Holiday cocktails are nice but let’s face it, some of us will need our wine by the bottle for watching holiday movies and catching up with family and friends virtually (or is it just me?). In any event I have done the hard work of tasting some great wines that will pair perfectly with holiday dinner and make great gifts for loved ones this season.

Among the list is a new player in the wine retail game (yes, we’re supporting small businesses this year) and all the wines on this list are easily accessible locally under $40 (yes, we’re saving money). It has truly been a year to remember, I hope the list below goes well with every grateful meal that you share with yourself or with your loved ones, happy holidays!

1. Renacer Punto Final Malbec Clásico - Bristol Cellers

Where has Malbec been all my life? Admittedly, I have overlooked this grape variety but now that I have passionately committed myself to tasting as many Malbec’s as I can get my hands on; there is no turning back. During this year’s Bristol Cellars sale, I came across this gem. It is full- bodied, perfect for those who like a drier red wine and has black berry, clove and vanilla flavors which makes this a great holiday pick.

2. Haute Cabriere Unwooded Pinot Noir - Springbok Company Ltd.

Having a glass of red says holiday season to me. This year has introduced me to some fantastic new wines but hands down the best discovery has been this small company; Springbok Company Ltd. who provide South African wines (and much more) and the best part is, they deliver! The unwooded Pinot Noir begins with berry notes then finishes with a smoky oak flavor. This Pinot noir will make an impressive gift this season. Check out their website to order!

3. Luigi Baudana Dragon Langhe Bianco- Island House Market

If you are like me, the holidays make you want something special. Look no further than the island house market. I discovered this wine at the beginning of the year and obsessed over it. Suffice to say, it went out of stock quickly after but its back just in time for the holidays. This bottle contains a beautiful blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Nascetta, Chardonnay and Riesling grapes. A zesty wine with pear and citrus, this pairs best with pasta and seafood and is wonderful for those who appreciate a drier wine.

4. Rongopai Sauvignon Blanc- Youngs Fine Wine

You may be wondering why I chose this sauvignon blanc for a holiday list, and shamelessly I will admit that it’s here because it’s my current fav! This Sauvignon Blanc is perfect to give as a gift and great if you appreciate a slightly sweet white wine that remains peachy and crisp at the finish. I highly recommend this wine all year round but in the spirit of giving, this white wine from New Zealand is great to share.

5. Pierre Jourdan Brut -Springbok Company Ltd.

Rounding off the list with another great find from spring Bok Company Ltd. is something to close this year off the right way. Bubbles! This South African sparkling wine has the fruity pear notes that you want to toast to a new year with hints of honey. This is a special and well-priced sparkling at only $32.00 that I will personally be enjoying this New Year’s Eve.

This Holiday season will be different from our normal traditions for many of us. I hope that this list inspires you to try something special that brings you some small joy. As always, I am grateful to be able to share my picks with you. Happy Holidays!

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