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About The Blog

For years I've had a passion for helping others. After building a career in accounting, becoming a CPA and also obtaining an MBA degree, there was a part of me that felt unfulfilled. My wife, who has been every bit of motivation and a crucial team member, encouraged me to start a blog to share some of the knowledge I would have gained over the years. The push for this endeavour was only strengthened after countless friends and family members would ask my input on financial matters. I took this as a sign from God that it was time to begin a new venture.

This blog serves as a resource of knowledge for those who want to gain a basic understanding of money and how to use it effectively. Unfortunately, our school systems have emphasised standard literacy but ignored the need to teach financial literacy. Wine & Dimes aims to bridge that gap. 

Note: This blog reflects my opinions and is for informational and/or entertainment purposes only. This blog does not reflect the opinions of any organisations with whom I am affiliated. This blog is not intended to serve as a substitute to professional financial advice and guidance. As such, if the reader places any reliance on this blog, he/she alone accepts all risks and damages. Although I am a licensed accountant, please schedule a formal meeting with a financial professional before taking any actions. I reserve the right to change the focus or content of this blog at any time.

Why the Name "Wine & Dimes"

The best business and financial conversations that I've had in life have occurred over a few drinks. For whatever reason, the tone of the conversation always felt laid back and fluid. The content matter also became more digestible. Given that the aim of this blog is to feel like an informal conversation, it was only right to create a name that captured that. But I'd be remiss to not credit the creative genius behind the catchy name, my wife.

Main Contributing Author


Revanno Smith

Revanno brings a wealth of knowledge that he hopes to distribute to those who desire. His resume includes the CPA designation, an MBA degree, and years of experience in public and private accounting where he gained exposure to various industries. As such he has gained insight from both practical and theoretical realms in the financial world. His goal is to increase the understanding of money to those of his island-comprised community, The Bahamas.

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