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Independence Weekend 2020: 5 Amazing Rosé Wines under $25

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

We have officially made it to summer, and I am ready to talk rosé. Whether you are still distancing at home or responsibly gathering with friends and family there is no better wine option for the summer holidays than rosé!

Honestly, wine should not be fussy and pretentious. I have two hard and fast rules for choosing my wine, will I enjoy this? and is it in my budget (That’s it, those are the rules). Especially in 2020 enjoying a great bottle doesn’t have to break the bank. All the following picks are under $25.00 and available locally.

La Vieille Ferme- Young’s Fine Wine $13.44

This is my go-to bottle. When I don’t want to think too hard about what rosé I will be buying for my low-key weekends or to take to a friend’s house, this is it! With its medium pink colour you will immediately get a fresh strawberry and cherry flavor and a medium acidity on the finish. I would recommend this as a great (and not so well-known option).

Young’s fine wine has introduced fantastic wines to the local market. It is easy to be overwhelmed by their impressive collection, there are some very affordable gems you can find at their retail location.

Romance Rosé- Bristol Wine & Spirits $17.95

I was recently introduced to the Chateau De Berne line of rosés through the madness that is the Bristol warehouse sale (and when I say madness, I mean I loved every moment of it). When I needed a more affordable option from the line, I was recommended Romance Rosé.

This wine is easily comparable to more expensive rosés that are well known and loved. It is exceptionally light and dry with a rose-pink colour with flavours of peach and strawberry.

Chateau Minuty ‘M’ - Bristol Wine & Spirits $21.95

What can I say? Chateau Minuty is one of the most well-respected wine producers from the French region of Provence. This is the rosé you want to bring with you to a barbecue or to the beach.

Pale pink in colour, this wine gives berry flavours and light citrus on the finish. The bottle is already iconic but if you have not tried this yet it’s definitely the rosé to add to your list this summer.

Studio Rosé by Miraval- $22.40 Young's Fine Wine

I confess, if this had not been recommended to me by an extremely helpful staff member at Young’s, I would have passed this by completely! Studio Rosé by Miraval describes itself as being influenced by the Mediterranean French Coast.

It is one of the more expensive bottles on the list, but it is so easy to enjoy chilled, with its delightful citrus and subtle floral flavours.

Entourage Rosé- $24.99 Liquid Courage

Coming in right on budget is the Entourage Rosé. I have to say, I was impressed by this rosé. If you are looking to expand and dive into something different Entourage Rosé is that wine.

This wine has a lovely peach and raspberry flavour. It has medium acidity but ends with an enjoyable crisp finish.

I may not be drinking this every weekend, but for special occasions, why not? Liquid courage does a great job at diversifying the local wine market and as a bonus their wines often go on sale!

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